meet.js Summit

// Poznań, Poland

In-person conference of the widest JavaScript community in Poland. The meet.js Summit is a conference bringing together local JavaScript communities from all across Poland. An event that gathers 500 web development professionals, front-end and back-end software engineers interested in modern JavaScript ecosystem and web technologies. This year marks a 10th anniversary of meet.js Summit.


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What to expect? A day full of meet.js! One solid track with talks about JS and the web, career expo and extra activities to facilitate group discussions.

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talks preview

Here's some highlights from our upcoming agenda. We'll be revealing more as we work on getting the best content selected.

  • Photo of speaker: Aleksandra Sikora

    Aleksandra Sikora


    Building Fullstack Apps in Record Time with Blitz.js

    Next.js is awesome but sometimes it's not enough. How to do authentication? Authorization? Testing? End-to-end type safety? Let's find out!

  • Photo of speaker: Stefan Judis

    Playwright can do this?

    I work as Frontend dev for a decade now, and I have a very bitter feeling about writing e2e tests. Test suites have always been slow, flaky and hard to work with. But with new testing tools things changed. I want to share how Playwright makes you ship features with a safety net.

  • Photo of speaker: Krzysztof Cieslak

    Krzysztof Cieslak


    Bringing the Power of AI into your Editor with GitHub Copilot

    GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer tool that puts the collective knowledge of millions of developers right at your fingertips, directly in your IDE. During the talk, Krzysztof will demo how Copilot works and discuss the design principles used while creating the project.

  • Photo of speaker: Maciej Walaszczyk

    Web Push Notifications? Do it yourself!

    Someone has replied to you! Does it sound familiar? Notifications became a standard way of online communication. Maybe you have already had a chance to integrate them into your app. But did you know that Web browsers support them natively? Let's explore the Web Push protocol together!

  • Photo of speaker: Daniel Afonso

    Daniel Afonso


    React Remixed

    What if I told you that by learning standard web APIs, relearning the web, and getting a bunch of transferable knowledge, you can also start using a fantastic new addition to the React and JavaScript ecosystem: Remix.

  • More talks TBA!

    You're in for a treat - a full day of fresh JavaScript knowledge with over 10 speakers!