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Back in 2011, we organized the first Meet.js event in Poznań, Poland. Currently similar meetings are organized in eight cities in Poland. It's about time to summarize the topics we've talked about this year. Meet.js Summit is the hottest conference this autumn and it's completely free! Join us to share the awesomeness of the Open Web!

SWPS, Kutrzeby 10, Poznań, Poland

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  • Welcome talk

  • Playing around with the Gamepad API

    The Gamepad API gives you the ability to deliver console-like experience for the desktop users. You can create JavaScript applications and HTML5 games that can be controlled using the gamepad - how cool is that? Every device with a browser can be turned into a game console and with the Gamepad API support we can build HTML5 games like never before. It's easy to implement, do not require any plugins to run in the browser and is simple as just plugging in your device and playing the game right away. Now is the best time to learn how to use it in your next HTML5 project!

    Andrzej Mazur

    Gulp, as a better Grunt? Automate your frontend development workflow fully!

    Let's quickly describe all the pros of having your development workflow automated and show the pros and cons of advanced grunt setup.

    Then we'll switch to Gulp - a new and pretty decent tool, with a very quick, easy and clean way to being configured. As a summary: I want to show all the things we can [and should have] configure as a current frontend developer. That is, f.e.: code linting, additional syntax compilation (coffee/jade/sass), files compression, adding comments, compiling fonts/vectors, unit/integration testing, CI, deployment, multiple environments configuration.

    Jacek Tomaszewski
  • Mobile HTML5 Game Development: design for performance.

    My talk will guide the listeners through my yearly trip as a HTML5 mobile game developer. I will focus on the performance side of it: optimising the canvas to fit multi-resolutions devices, asset management, physics engines in javascript, mobile wrappers (cocoonJS and Ejecta), a little about the alternatives: CoronaSDK and SpriteKit with Swift, and finally I'll answer the question: "Can we make a living as HTML5 game developers?"

    Łukasz Wójciak

    Effective SVG icons management system

    Aim of the talk is to show how to manage icons in your web app. I'll introduce you to the concept, walk through configuration and highlight some ways of going even better.

    Kamil Koterba
  • Get Practical with Web Components

    This presentation shows web developers how to build next-generation web apps using various Web Components (native and Polymer framework). Web Components (HTML Templates, Shadow DOM, Custom Elements and HTML Imports) are the highlight of current web standards development, with Google and Mozilla pioneering the implementation of the specification draft. While numerous presentations all over the world have introduced Web Components to web developers, not many have demonstrated the practical aspects. This presentation will use existing tools to show web developers how they can make next-generation web apps using custom HTML elements from a wide spectrum of vendors – from giants such as Google to open-source enthusiasts on GitHub.

    Marcin Warpechowski

    Boilerplate-B-Gone - do it yourself syntactic sugar with sweet.js

    Have you ever written the same snippet of code over and over again, just because the framework or the library that you use demanded it?

    JavaScript can be a pretty verbose language at times. Some libraries like React.js counter this by extending JavaScript syntax, but most others do not. Sweet.js is a library created by Mozilla, which allows you to extend JavaScript on your own.

    In this talk you will learn how to write JavaScript macros and see some useful real-world examples of where they can be applied.

    Adam Pohorecki
  • Coffee break

    Coffee break

  • Let It Flow - Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming

    When JavaScript Scripts evolved into JavaScript Applications, "Callback Hell" and "Spaghetti Code" went into the common dictionary of front end programmers. Asynchronous programming is incredibly complicated and hard to maintain, even to experienced developers. I would like to take you to the functional world of events, streams and signals and propose an alternative approach. During the presentation, I will gently present what the Reactive Programming is and how you can introduce it into your daily workflow.

    Artur Skowroński

    Be inspired - my story of becoming an indie game developer

    It's part a history of me becoming a game developer from scratch and part talk about good advices and my experience of learning from failure.

    Krzysztof Jankowski
  • Douchebag Programmers - Our Image?

    Are we really team players and good developers? - Very subjective and almost serious talk about how uncooperative sometimes we are, and how we're seen among other developers, clients, and people not related to software development.

    Michał Janiszewski

    Let’s talk about front-end performance

    Today's developers have excellent tools for measuring and understanding DOM performance. In this talk I'll describe how to use the tools, the basic principles of browsers rendering and how we used this knowledge to improve the responsiveness of our single page app.

    Jan Dudek
  • OOP is dead

    Let’s overthrow the tyranny of the Object Oriented programming! There are better ways to plan, structure and write your code. The walkthrough through the alternative JavaScript programming paradigms and revealing architecture patterns.

    Damian Sosnowski
  • Working with single-threaded event loop

    Introduction to the concept of event loop and how it is handled in a browser and Node.js. This talk get into details about different JavaScript functions with an impact on async functions order of execution.

    Maciej Winnicki
  • Lunch break

    Lunch break

  • WebRTC - so much more than just video conferencing

    WebRTC allows us to create peer-to-peer connections between browsers. Most people think of it only as an API that enables plugin-free video calls, but it's actually much more powerful and versatile.

    In this talk I'll show you a few interesting WebRTC projects and how easy it is to create your own apps using this API.

    Szymon Nowak
  • Clientside localization in Firefox OS

    Firefox OS required a fast and lean localization method that could scale up to 70 languages, cater to the needs of hundreds of developers worldwide all speaking different languages and support a wide spectrum of devices with challenging hardware specs. In this case-study I'll show how we were able to create a localization framework which embraces new web technologies like web components and mutation observers, how we came up with new developer tools to make localization work easier and what exciting challenges lie ahead of us.

    Staś Małolepszy
  • Ampersand.js – Minimalistic approach to not so minimalistic problems

    When frontend developer plays around with some new framework or tool and creates a new useful web app or highly entertaining game it usually lands in his code repo at least or at his blog post at most. To often we put our private code on a shelf, because it's either not clean enough, not well tested or maybe because we are to afraid to give our apps to the users. This presentation aims in showing how an idea inspired by my nephew's school assignment evolved into one web application, then into the second and third one and how I monetized them. I'm gonna show how I embedded AdMob advertising and AdSense into web applications that were published for Android, FireFox OS and Chrome OS. I will show what techniques and ideas I used to keep my income at a reasonably high level. I will give a few tips on how to constantly attract new users and keep the old ones and how to look forward into new mobile markets. All those web applications are described in details here:

    Kamil Ogórek
  • Coffee break

    Coffee break

  • AngularJS - Lessons Learned

    In talk I will share experience gained during last few months when I was working on the large AngularJS project.

    I will show pros and cons of AngularJS, most common problems we met and how we solved them.

    Karol Fabjańczuk
  • Open mic

    Everyone's invited!

  • Wrap up

    Wrap up

  • Egnyte Party


  • Łukasz Wójciak


    Mobile HTML5 Game Development: design for performance.

    JS developer for 8 years - currently CTO @UsabilityTools and owner of The Little Hog.

    Focused mainly on mobile development with angular/ionic and html5 game development.

  • Andrzej Mazur


    Playing around with the Gamepad API

    HTML5 Game Developer, founder of Enclave Games. Front-end developer and JavaScript programmer. Passionate about everything around HTML5 games: Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher, js13kGames competition creator and Gamedev.js Meetups organizer. Blogger, writer, HTML5 evangelist and Firefox OS fan.

  • Kamil Ogórek


    Ampersand.js – Minimalistic approach to not so minimalistic problems

    Senior Client-side Engineer at X-Team, JavaScript passionate. Climber, athlete, drummer and music lover. I admire great food and love to cook. Core contributor for AmpersandJS.

  • Artur Skowroński


    Let It Flow - Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming

    Java/JavaScript Developer working in Schibsted Tech Polska, with the soul split between flexibility of dynamic languages and sublime strictness of statically-typed ones. Wannabe polyglot programmer, trying to implement each new learned concept in every known language, with different results.

  • Michał Janiszewski


    Douchebag Programmers - Our Image?

    Front-end (and occasionally Python) developer at STX Next. Especially interested in JS applications architecture and performance.

  • Johannes Ippen


    Breaking the Web

    Johannes Ippen is a designer & author from Berlin. He's responsible for the graphics department at mobile games developer Wooga. In his spare time, Johannes does fun projects and design studies at

  • Kamil Koterba


    Effective SVG icons management system

    Persistent optimist, software engineer with heart divided between design and coding. Since 2 years employee at Wikia in Community Engineering team. Recently happened to be main developer of

  • Marcin Warpechowski


    Get Practical with Web Components

    Marcin Warpechowski is a developer at Starcounter. He builds web applications with emerging Open Web Platform technologies, including Web Components, and is the creator of an open source data grid editor, Handsontable. He lives in Gdynia, Poland.

  • Szymon Nowak


    WebRTC - so much more than just video conferencing

    Szymon is a web developer from Katowice, Poland. He co-organizes and frequently gives talks at meet.js meetups in his hometown. He likes to experiment with cutting-edge web technologies. Author of ShareDrop ( - WebRTC powered peer-to-peer file transfer app.

  • Jacek Tomaszewski


    Gulp, as a better Grunt? Automate your frontend development workflow fully!

    Fullstack webdeveloper. Working as a freelancer, currently specialized in Rails, Angular & Ionic. Coding since a child.

  • Jan Dudek


    Let’s talk about front-end performance

    Web developer since 2005. After years of experience as a full-stack developer he's now responsible for educating new people at Pilot and helping them to become successful web developers.

  • Staś Małolepszy


    Clientside localization in Firefox OS

    Mozilla's "localizabilizer," Staś works with hundreds of volunteers around the globe on making Firefox available in almost 100 languages. His current focus is the localization technology in Firefox OS, the new mobile OS from Mozilla, and L20n, a paradigm-shifting localization platform for developers and a programming language for localizers.

  • Karol Fabjańczuk


    AngularJS - Lessons Learned

    Front-end developer from Szczecin. Interested in open source, aerial photography and bleeding edge technologies. Organiser of local Meet.js.

  • Adam Pohorecki


    Boilerplate-B-Gone - do it yourself syntactic sugar with sweet.js

    Aspiring software craftsman and TDD enthusiast. Founder of SCKRK. Early adopter of AngularJS (some say, way too early). Big fan of the Clojure programming language. Senior Web Developer at GunpowderLabs.

  • Maciej Winnicki


    Working with single-threaded event loop

    Software engineer with experience in both backend and frontend technologies. Senior UI developer at Egnyte. Former Solution Architect at Allegro Group. Currently mainly interested in functional reactive programming and distributed systems.

  • Krzysztof Jankowski


    Be inspired - my story of becoming an indie game developer

    I'm a indie game developer, pixel artist and a street photographer. And for living I'm a front-end developer at Pearson IOKI.

    I do games in JavaScript for more than 2 years.

  • Damian Sosnowski


    OOP is dead!

    JavaScript technical lead in Rule Financial. Working mostly on the complex, data heavy business applications. Passionate about promoting and teaching other people about the beauty and possibilities of the open, web technologies.

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