Meet the Open Web on January 14, 2012

Early in 2011 we ran a first meet.js event in Poznań, Poland. Now it's about four different cities here. It's the highest time to summarize what we talked about this year. Meet.js Summit is a completely free and the hottest conference this winter! Join us to share the Open Web awesomeness. It's open, it's for everyone! Tickets not available now!


Centrum Wykładowe PP, Piotrowo 2, Poznań, Poland

Start: 10:00 map

Sponsors and partners

  • Mozilla
  • Cognifide
  • PCSS
  • Akai



What is meet.js?

meet.js is free front-end meetups organized by web enthusiasts in 4 major Polish towns - Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław and Cracow. The idea was formed by Damian Wielgosik (Front-Trends, Falsy Values) in January, 2011. We believe it is very important to engage local communities to share the Open Web knowledge focusing mostly on JavaScript and HTML5. Open knowledge make people develop fast and improve their skills.

Want to support people who share front-end passion? Let's talk! Contact us at




Since our venue capacity is limited, we have about 300 free seats. Be quick!

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