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// Gdańsk, Poland

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Load it faster! - improving React apps loading time and performance

React is fast and that is awesome, but as web developers we should continuously strive towards better and better performance. We deserve a smart, fast web since only a small minority of users has brand new smartphones and a 4G connection. In this talk we're going to talk about why performance & load time matters and how we can improve those two factors in React-based web applications.

Tomasz Łakomy

The Pixel Pipeline

A closer look at what's happening behind the scenes in your browser and how to use this knowledge to chase 60 FPS. You'll understand why certain CSS properties are better for animations and what are the most common performance bottlenecks in rendering pipeline.

Patryk Ziemkowski

Fun and games with A-Frame - building Virtual Reality experiences for the Web

With WebVR we are finally ready to create first-class Virtual Reality experiences using Open Web technologies. WebGL being able to render 3D graphics gives us infinite possibilities when building for the browser. These APIs allows VR content to be published and consumed on the Web almost instantaneously from any capable device. A-Frame brings the ease of use while following game development coding principles. Use simple HTML markup to create Virtual Reality experiences for all available platforms, and see how easy, fun, and fast it is.

Andrzej Mazur

Coffee Break 2

Schibsted presentation

Schibsted Tech Polska jest częścią skandynawskiej grupy mediowej Schibsted Media Group, właściciela najważniejszych szwedzkich i norweskich gazet, a także liczących się portali internetowych, takich jak m.in. porównywarki cen. Gdański oddział firmy liczy 50 programistów, tworzących aplikacje mobilne, webowe oraz narzędzia do zarządzania treścią. Sprawdź zalety skandynawskiej kultury pracy na www.schibsted.pl

Handling Side Effects in Redux With Redux-Saga

Have you ever struggled with making dependencies between reducers? Have you ever stepped into problem with mulitple async operations done at the same time doing huge mess in your state? Let me be your guide into redux sagas with tips, how and when you can use them in your application to solve all side effects problems at once.

Kasia Jastrzębska

Frontend Apps & Machine Learning models

During this session, I will show how to use TensorFlow for solving Linear Regression problems and build Convolutional Neural Networks. We will train algorithms and use predictions of Machine Learning models in Frontend Application using REST API.

Patryk Omiotek

How to become a hipster with React Recompose

Recompose is an utility library advertised as Lodash for React. It provides a wide range of useful Higher Order Components to reduce the boilerplate. What does it bring to React? Will it make your code modular and reusable? Is it necessary to drink a latte from an avocado before using it? Be prepared to learn all that and much more during this talk, so buckle up and find out how to compose your components like a pro.

Bartosz Król

Lunch & Coffee

Looking for the Holy Grail of Mobile Web Performance

There’s a long-standing myth in the mobile world that only native apps are able to provide a decent performance for the mobile user. With the emergence of Progressive Web Apps that suppose to mimic all the native goodness, the push for performance in the mobile web is now stronger than ever before. Is the Web Platform ready to keep up with these expectations? This talk is a wide overview of the many practices and strategies we can employ to satisfy our mobile users’ needs - from the HTTP-level tweaks via load and render time optimization to smooth scrolling and animations tricks.

Adam Bar

GraphQL and Apollo - how to make your api great again?

Drowning in a pile of buzzwords, have you ever come across word “GraphQL”? Whether it’s a total unknown for you or you are unsure if you should give it a try or not, it’s a perfect talk for you. I would like to share my hands-on experience of using GraphQL and introduce you to its basic concepts. After this talk, you will know what GraphQL is and when it’s useful. You will be able to tell queries, mutations and subscriptions apart. Additionally, I would like to show how easily you can start with it, using Apollo. Hopefully, my talk will give you knowledge and motivation to give it a shot.

Anna Konopka

Multi stage build for webpack applications

You will learn how to setup your project for Docker Builder Patter. I will talk how to build your application and publish in on production as small as possible without any dev dependencies or even serverless. I will show how to automate building and deploy the application using CircleCI and publish the results to our public Docker hub. On to of that, we will run the output image on AWS ECS live on production.

Kamil Ronewicz

Coffe Break 3

Demystifying Vue.js

There’s a lot of misconceptions around Vue when it comes to things like templates vs JSX, two-way data bindings, watchers, mutations. It might be very surprising to know that some problems that Fiber solves for React don’t even exist in Vue in the first place. Not just performance-wise.

Damian Dulisz

Node.js Diagnostics 101

So you built a Node.js web application and got it to run. What's next? This talk introduces you to diagnosing execution, performance and memory usage of your app. You'll learn about new and old tools for diagnosing memory consumption and leaks, CPU profiling and more. Skills you don't use every day, but when you do, you prevent a disaster from happening. The overview of tools starts at basic tools anyone can use and reaches the newest additions to Node.js 8.0.

Zbyszek Tenerowicz

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Photo of speaker: Adam Bar

Adam Bar

I started my developer career 10 years ago with simple PHP websites. Later on I touched on .NET, Ruby, Java and Objective-C, but I have always come back to the Web that I value for its openness and accessibility for everyone. And even though I admire simple structures, simple rules and order, which are often hard to find on the Web, these are Web technologies that are my programming passion. On a daily basis I work on versatile web apps in Bright Inventions and take care of my website that aims to review device integration capabilities of the web - whatwebcando.today

Photo of speaker: Damian Dulisz

Damian Dulisz

Vue.js evangelist. Coffee-driven Senior Front-end Developer at Monterail. Organiser of VueConf – the first international Vue conference. Also, the co-organiser of Meet.js Wrocław. Open-source contributor, author of vue-multiselect and vuelidate. Curator of the Vue.js Newsletter. Hobbyist photographer. Occasional writer who likes to know how things work underneath.

Photo of speaker: Kasia Jastrzębska

Kasia Jastrzębska

Frontend Developer with over 6 years of experience. During my work I went through various JS frameworks - from backbone to react. Always eager to know more, do better and evolve!

Photo of speaker: Anna Konopka

Anna Konopka

Frontend developer, currently exploring the mobile world. React and Vue advocate. In love with JavaScript. Author of kernelgonnapanic.pl blog.

Photo of speaker: Bartosz Król

Bartosz Król

Software Engineer at X-Team. Huge GraphQL and reactive programming enthusiast. Loves learning new programming languages - aside from JavaScript works with Go and Elixir on everyday basics. Devoted LARP and RPG player.

Photo of speaker: Tomasz Łakomy

Tomasz Łakomy

Tomasz is a Software Engineer at Egnyte Poland. Coorganiser of React Poznań Meetup, open source contributor who enjoys sharing his knowledge with other developers. His interests include VR, React, app performance and making cheesiest jokes known to mankind.

Photo of speaker: Andrzej Mazur

Andrzej Mazur

Andrzej Mazur is an HTML5 Game Developer and Mozilla Tech Speaker, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator and Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher. He started Gamedev.js meetups in Poland, is passionate about new, Open Web technologies, and excited about WebVR with A-Frame. He likes eating sushi and playing Neuroshima Hex.

Photo of speaker: Patryk Omiotek

Patryk Omiotek

Patryk is a programmer interested in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things. He currently works as Senior Software Engineer at intive and IT trainer at infoShare Academy. He is also a founder of the "Hop Lublin" and "Lublin IT" communities.

Photo of speaker: Kamil Ronewicz

Kamil Ronewicz

I am full stack developer. Enthusiastic about clean code, focused on the quality of given solutions. Evangelist of Docker. Love the Domain Driven Design approach. Love to build highly testable apps. I was PHP developer for a long time now switching to the node.js and JS universe.

Photo of speaker: Zbyszek Tenerowicz

Zbyszek Tenerowicz

Full-stack developer and technology researcher. Running a growing number of Node.js powered applications in production at Egnyte Inc. Open-source enthusiast. Teaches web technology to designers and peer developers. One of the oldest members of Meet.js Poland community - both as a speaker and organizer of local meet-ups. Recently joined Node.js Diagnostics WG.

Photo of speaker: Patryk Ziemkowski

Patryk Ziemkowski

I'm not much of a writer, but here're a couple of quick facts about me:
– I'm 27 years old,
– I'm a graduate of Poznań University of Technology,
– I have 5 years of experience in Frontend Development,
– I'm a Head of Frontend Development at Apptension for almost 2 years,
– I have been a lecturer at couple of meetups, including local meet.js in Poznań


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Any participants violating this code of conduct may be removed from the conference without a refund at the discretion of the conference organisers or venue security.


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