Full Stack Development: Type-Safe Cross Platform Applications workshop.

A day-long exploration of Next.js

Join us for the Full Stack Development Workshop, an immersive learning experience aimed at instilling proficiency in operating end-to-end stacks. This workshop will delve into frontend development with React, mobile development with React Native and Expo, backend development with Node.js, and crucial DevOps work facets, with a strong emphasis on TypeScript for achieving type-safe projects from end to end.


Thursday, 28th September, 2023


Full Stack Development: Type-Safe Cross Platform Applications workshop.

PURO Hotel, Wrocław Old Town, Pawła Włodkowica 6 Wrocław
This interactive workshop aims to provide practical insights peppered with real-world examples, equipping you to harness the full potential of Full Stack development. With hands-on exercises involving frontend, mobile, and backend component integration, along with essential DevOps practices, you'll be exposed to a full range of skills. We'll utilize free platforms that can augment development speed without the need for reinventing the wheel. Upon completion of this workshop, you will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to construct robust, scalable, and type-safe applications across a myriad of platforms.
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and web development principles
  • Familiarity with TypeScript, including understanding of static typing, interfaces, and type annotations (Advanced expertise is not necessary, just a basic grasp)
  • Competence in building web applications using React
  • Previous experience with mobile app development using React Native is desirable but not compulsory
  • Elementary understanding of Node.js and databases is beneficial but not essential
  • Setup for running React, React Native / Expo, and Node.js (Setup instructions will be shared in due course)
  • Good understanding of Git as it will be essential for the DevOps components of the workshop


  • Breakfast & Workshop registration

    PURO Hotel, Wrocław Old Town, Pawła Włodkowica 6 Wrocław

  • Part I - Introduction to Full Stack Development

  • Unpacking the fundamentals of Full Stack development

  • Understanding the merits and challenges of a monorepo workflow

  • Part II - Frontend Development

  • Constructing a robust development environment with Next.js

  • Building engaging user interfaces with Tailwind CSS

  • Utilizing the Next.js App Router for seamless application navigation

  • Tapping into the capabilities of React Server Components and Client Components

  • Part III - Mobile Development

  • Unraveling the potentials of React Native and Expo for cross-platform mobile development

  • Setting up an efficient React Native development environment with Expo

  • Implementing the new Expo Router for streamlined file-based routing

  • Enhancing UX with immersive animations

  • Part IV - Backend Development

  • Leveraging Next.js backend capabilities via API routes

  • Establishing a robust Next.js backend development setting

  • Creating a type-safe API with tRCP

  • Designing scalable and efficient database models

  • Part V - Data Fetching and Real-Time Client Updates

  • Implementing efficient data fetching strategies for React and React Native

  • Enabling real-time client updates for interactive user experiences

  • Part VI - Authentication

  • Understanding the benefits of external authentication services for project speed

  • Ensuring seamless synchronization of user data with your database

  • Implementing a comprehensive social authentication workflow

  • Part VII - DevOps Practices for Full Stack Development

  • Grasping the significance of DevOps in Full Stack development

  • Constructing and refining continuous integration and deployment pipelines

  • Adopting effective strategies for monitoring and scaling robust Full Stack applications

  • Workshop closing

    Wrap up answering any questions.


  • Photo of speaker: Luke Czyszczonik

    Luke Czyszczonik


    Hello, I'm Luke, a workshop host. With over a decade in software engineering, my focus has been on building problem-solving products across a range of platforms, including web, mobile, and backend. Although I've worked with various programming languages, I've found TypeScript to be particularly versatile. I'm looking forward to sharing my expertise and learning collectively during the workshop.


Only 30 available seats!
Workshop + conference ticket price: 799 PLN